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8 Festive Holiday Activities For Kids And Families

The holidays season is officially here and in between all the cooking, hosting and wrapping, the kids still need to be entertained. What’s a parent to do?  Here are 8 fun family activities that will get everyone in the holiday spirit so the holidays go off without a hitch.  Make sure the kids help with the decision-making so everyone's all-in. 

Let’s get go-ho-ho-ho-ing!

DIY Popcorn and Cranberry Garlands

Use day-old popcorn and fishing line or waxed dental floss plus a tapestry needle to string them up!  3’ is the perfect length for a garland. Use clear shellac craft spray to keep everything looking fresh. Exhausted already? Shop our comfy seating.

Construct a Gingerbread House

You can buy the kits almost anywhere this time of year and it will keep the kids busy for hours. And who doesn’t love that frosting is an essential part of building the house?  Need a place for your edible creation? Shop our folding tables and kid-sized tables.

Make Polar Bear Finger Puppets

Super cute and loved by little ones everywhere!  (Credit: I Heart Crafty Things)

Baking with Mom

Who doesn’t love baking cookies with Mom? Fresh baked, decorated cookies make delicious DIY holiday gifts for teachers. Need seats for the kitchen counter? Shop our counter and barstools.

Take a Holiday Lights Tour

Check your local listings for special events in your city or town.  Then bundle up and head outdoors. Guaranteed to bring a smile to everyone’s face.

Gift Wrap Your Front Door

Use wrapping paper, wide ribbon or both.  Buy extra-large Christmas bows on Etsy, at your favorite big box store or create your own.  Let the kids decorate and write messages to Santa to create a Pinterest worthy project.

Go Caroling

Celebrate Go Caroling Day on December 20th! It’s widely believed that caroling started in the year1223.  Because even back then, people realized it was way more fun to sing a joyful song than a solemn hymn.  Gather a group of friends, decide what songs to sing and plan out your Caroling route beforehand so neighbors will be home to listen and enjoy.  (Credit:

Donate Gently Used Toys

As kids get older, new toys replace the older ones. Have your kids choose a toy or two they’d like to give to donate, gift wrap them and take a family ride to a local hospital, daycare center or your police department.  You’re never too young to start giving back.

Now that you’ve crafted, created, baked and caroled, it’s time to relax.  Shop our bean bag chairs for kids and adults.  


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