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The Top 6 Thanksgiving Family Traditions

What everyone loves about America's favorite holiday.


Watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

Nothing says “Thanksgiving Morning” quite like hanging out with your children, your pets or your significant other (perhaps all three) and watching the parade. Here’s a Bucket List item: Be there in person!  For those of you watching on TV, let Emma + Oliver help you get comfy.

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Share what you are most grateful for this year. Ask everyone, including the littlest family members, to share what they have been grateful for in the past year. It will become a treasured family tradition. 

Enjoy an awesome Thanksgiving meal Which is your favorite: turkey or sides? If it's sides, here’s a super easy hack for Herby Rhodes Rolls. Start with Rhodes frozen dinner rolls. Prep the melted butter, garlic and herb mixture of dried rosemary-hand crushed, dried oregano, dried thyme and fresh garlic. Roll the frozen rolls in the butter-herb mixture and place in greased pans, 2” apart. Let rise for 4-5 hours. Then pop in the oven and in 15 minutes, you have fabulous fresh baked rolls.(Credit: The Modern Proper)

Make a lot because family gatherings are happening big time this year.  Now that you have the perfect side dish, let Emma + Oliver help you create the perfect Thanksgiving setting.  Shop our folding tables for those extra guests. Shop stackable chairs that store away easily after the holiday. Shop our serving and bar carts.  And for the little ones, shop our kids folding chairs.

Break the wishbone for good luck  This tradition goes way back. Ancient Romans were the first to see the wishbone as a symbol of luck. (Make sure the wishbone is dry before trying this).  The person holding the longer piece is said to have good luck or a wish granted.  If it breaks perfectly into two pieces, then both people would have their wishes come true. 

What’s on your wish list for the holidays? Shop our kitchen and bar stools. Shop our popular colorful metal stools. 

Watch a football game. A Turkey Day tradition that’s almost as important as the meal itself. It’s officially the beginning of the end of the season where every game really matters heading into the playoffs.  So watch in comfort and style. Mount that big screen TV on the wall or on a media console. Shop our bean bag chairs.  

Take a nap.  A tradition that needs no explanation.  Shop our recliners.  

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